As the Summer of 2014 draws to a close with it’s racial tensions in Ferguson and Tompkinsville, and thousands dying in wars across Gaza, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq, much of the same human strife continues. Talented artists still succumb to drug overdoses: self-destructive impulses can still thrive within even our most creative spirits. Gay Equal Rights only this year…45 years later…now include the right to legally marry. So, if you and your lover met at Stonewall in 1969- you could get married just in time for your 50tth Anniversary (if your state allows it…). The music scene, given a dearth of singer-songwriters has unfortunately devolved to computerized digital electronica and voice synthesizers resulting in redundancies so rampant that it’s difficult to discern one song from the next. This serious drought of originality and artistry is both heartbreaking and pathetic.

And a NASA spacecraft is about to complete its ten-year journey to the planet Pluto. Progress, it seems, when it happens at all is very, very slow.

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