Woodstock Folio-1

We are stardust-billion year old carbon

We are golden-caught in the devil’s bargain-

And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden

 Woodstock Folio 2-1

This outdoor concert event attended by over 500,000 in the rolling farmland of Upstate New York lasted for three days and nights and featured 40 of the biggest bands and soloists of that era.

The sheer beauty of a young guileless generation embracing their time and reveling in their music demonstrating peacefully that the world can live as one in a state of joy and celebration. Amid the mud, the laughter, the daring defiance of archaic social codes, the insane giddy acid-fueled sleeplessness of it all, a spirit of boisterous creativity filled the air for days creating a transcendent, never-to-be repeated but often cited experience that changed the course of American Culture forever.

jimi janis

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