Alicia Keys Flaunts Baby Bump At Givenchy Fragrance Launch. Receives Police Citation!

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was unaware that a recently enacted law in NYC has made it illegal to flaunt the fact that you had sex and are now expecting a baby. She learned the hard way, when she received a whopping $267 (plus a state surcharge of $2) fine for simply showing up at an event with a swollen belly and acting all proud and stuff. When asked about this new law Mayor DeBlasio called it unfortunate, but the flaunting had “gotten out of hand.” Although Alicia was just one of many celebs flaunting their bumps in public, she is the first to get slapped on the bottom, so to speak. “When you shove that in people’s faces, you are flaunting and it gets to be too much, DeBlasio said.  Little kids see it, they want to know how that happened and parents find that pretty embarrassing. Ya know we made NYC a G rated town and we wanna keep it that way!” 

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