Michael Phelps Can Do More Than Swim Like A Fish! Arrested On DUI Charges!


After an evening of Casino Gambling and Cocktails, Olympic Champion Michael Phelps took to the Maryland highways and made them all fast lanes.

Phelps, known as the “Baltimore Bullet” and winner of 18 Olympic gold medals, was arrested at about 1:40 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence, excessive speed and crossing double lane lines within the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-95 in Baltimore. He was clocked on radar at 84 mph in a 45 mph zone when the officers pulled him over. He was very cooperative and his only request was that any tickets he received be draped around his neck on colored ribbons. After failing sobriety tests he was booked and then released to the custody of his mom a few hours later. He  is expected in court next week. One officer commented “Thank goodness he took the tunnel. We never would have caught him if went in the river.” Michael released a statement apologizing for the incident and he said soberly that he has learned a lesson that everyone should know. “It’s better to be in the drink than have the drink in you.”

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