8 Things You Need To Know About Someone You Don’t Really Need To Know Anything About


1. Born Blake Brown, she almost went with Deadly but thought Lively seemed a more cheerful last name.

2. As stipulated in her contract, she got to keep the traveling pants.

3. Not initially interested in acting, she was forced into it because she was just that good.

4. She was not the first choice to play the role of Mrs. Ryan Reynolds but took over the part when Scarlett Johansson passed on having a baby.

5. Although her four siblings were raised as Southern Baptists, she was raised a Northern Opportunist.

6. Three years later, Time magazine editors are still attempting to figure out how she was named one of their Top 100 Influential people of 2011, but since she managed to make the list, that may be proof enough.

7. From May to October in 2011, she dated Leonardo DiCaprio and it actually is listed on her acting resume.

8. Actress Katherine Heigl felt the need to mention in an interview that Blake bores the hell out of her, and yet they have never met.

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