“The View” Goes Under ABC News Umbrella. Execs Hope To Make The Show More Light And Fun!

The News View

According to an internal memo at ABC News, The View will soon be under the auspices of the News Division, but what effect this will have on the show’s content or ratings is a huge unknown at this point. With three new co-hosts, the shows popularity among homemakers and shut-ins has been slipping from previous highs, when the show was a potpourri of fashion, cooking tips and celebrity gossip.  Barbara Walters was the bridge between news and entertainment and with her recent departure that bridge seems to have collapsed and hurtled into the nearby Hudson River. It’s now one big goulash. Of late, the hot topics have been taken right from the headline news, although fact and fiction blur from one statement to the next, so many believe therefore, that they have already been heading into hard news territory. One news exec said off the record, “Although none of the shows stars have much news experience, they all have opinions and righteous indignation, which really seems to be what passes for news these days. They also will help us keep our own feet on the ground, when some of our old school “journalists” get a bit too erudite.” Stay tuned for updates!

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