Sneak Peak At A Taylor Swift Song In Utero. It’s Really Something!!


Taylor Swift never stops working! Even when dining last week in a chic NYC eatery she just had to take pen to paper and scribble down her deep musical thoughts, while her companions sat quietly checking their phones. Although she has just released her latest album and is prepping her 1989 world tour, she is obviously, already composing material for her next masterpiece of pop confection. This awe-inspiring sample was discovered on the floor, under her table, after she left the restaurant. Drew Lesbettor, an aspiring actor/model who waits tables at the restaurant, reported that between nibbling on a small salad and sipping her diet Coke she seemed to be in a manic, yet delicate writing frenzy. “She was scribbling so fast on her notepaper, feverishly jumping from one fresh sheet to the next, that I think this was inadvertently pushed off the table and got wedged under it. I knew it was hers the second I saw her personalized notepaper. I love the little broken heart, don’t you? She must have written about a dozen songs during her meal, so I suppose that is why she did not notice this one was missing, but as you can see it is a gem! Heartache. Love won, lost and thrown away, yet persevering through it all. So raw. So real. So Taylor. It is really something!” Drew hopes he will hear from Taylor so that he can return it personally, although, as he is 32 years old, he does not expect any further relationship to develop.

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