Chris Hemsworth Named People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive! Adam Levine Refuses To Give Up Title!!

Chis Adam

Adam Levine, People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2013, reportedly has barricaded himself in his dressing room, at his TV Show, The Voice and refuses to turn over the winner sash to this years sexiest, Chris Hemsworth. According to sources, Adam appeared blindsided by the announcement this morning, that he was no longer the top fantasy man as far as People was concerned and shook uncontrollably before bursting into a puddle of tears sobbing, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand. I have to speak to the judges” He then bolted into his dressing room with the sash, which he has been wearing for the last 364 days. Representatives from People magazine have been in communication with former winners George Clooney, Brad Pitt ,Johnny Depp and others and asked them to reach out to Adam to explain the situation delicately, as his stability seems rather fragile. Updated reports have claimed that he has been fielding phone calls from friends and family, although most confess the conversations involve a lot of unintelligible sounds and wailing. All morning, we are told, his newly minted wife, supermodel Behati Prinsloo, has been speaking softly through the door attempting to soothe him and possibly gain entry but has had no luck so far. Negotiations are expected to continue throughout the day.

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