Because Nothing Celebrates The Birth Of Jesus Like The Gift Of A New Gun!


Historically, to celebrate the birth of mankind’s savior, the three wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myhrr, but things have changed a bit in two thousand and fourteen years. Jimmy Sparks of Gunworld explained this years hottest gift. “People want to celebrate the message of peace and love that Jesus Christ brought to us, yet sometimes, in order to do that you need to have a gun. This is a much more dangerous place than it was when Jesus was born. People want to feel safe in the world and they want their loved ones to be safe as well, as they spread the message of love for all mankind. The best way to feel safe is to have a weapon like a brand new gun and what better time of year to let your family and friends know you care enough to give them a deadly weapon? Also as part of our holiday give back plan, for the less fortunate, we also have a program where for every 50 guns we sell, we donate one to a homeless person. Our slogan is If we really want “Peace on Earth” everyone must have their own “Piece on Earth” he chuckled, and who doesn’t enjoy shooting a gun off into the sky to celebrate the savior of all mankind?” Jimmy then excused himself as he still had to do 3274 more background checks before he could call it a day.

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