Elizabeth Lauten, Republican Aide Critical Of Obama Daughters, Snapped Up By Sarah Palin To Be Her Nanny!


The Republican congressional aide who wrote a widely-disseminated Facebook post criticizing President Obama’s daughters, walked out of one plum job and landed another. She has been hired by Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and currently former Alaska Governor, to be a nanny for daughter Piper 13 and son Trig 6. We caught up with Palin at a DC watering hole and learned she is already over the moon with Ms. Lauten’s criticism of Sasha and Malia Obama. “Hell she went after the kids and I gotta admire that. She has no boundaries and that is what it takes to be a maverick! Everybody gave the gal grief for pointing out that those classless brats have no manners. Believe me I know about no class people! That is not how you treat a serious ceremony like the pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey! Check out my Youtube video to see how it’s done. To those who say she stepped over the line, I say Boo Hoo Hoo. Grow a pair! I trust Liz will keep my young teen, Piper, in line and my pup Trig will know how to behave in public or they’ll be a-headin’ to the old woodshed with Lizzy.” Asked to comment briefly Ms Lauten gushed, “I thought I had a dream job before, but this is just too much! I’ve already met all the Palins and I can truthfully say I have never met a whiter….er.. I mean brighter, nicer family. I look forward to a long working relationship with.” “OK OK enough press time for you missy,” cut in Sarah at that point, “Go see what Bristol, Willow and Tripp are drinking.”

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