John McCain Wants His “Illegitimate Son” Lindsey Graham To Run For President!!


Washington (FTM) Republicans on Capitol Hill dragged out their best PR statements, on hearing the news that Mitt Romney is considering losing the White House for a third time. But it was Arizona Sen. John McCain who really made everyone’s day, by attempting to throw away his last ounce of credibility when speaking of his personal hopes and dreams for his BFF, Sen. Lindsey Graham.

McCain said Romney was certainly a very rich man and obviously dedicated to what many consider a lost cause but, “We must accept that he is not quite dumb enough to bring everybody in our party together. He did a lot of stupid things last time around, but actually not enough to convince America he was just plain dumb.”

So instead, McCain told reporters he is hoping Graham will run for President, as he announced today “My illegitimate son, Lindsey Graham is exploring that option, and I am strongly encouraging him, particularly with the world the way it is today. No one understands the modern world, quite the way that Lindsey Graham does, in my view. Even I don’t see it like him, and unlike him I have actually traveled around it”

Although at that point the reporters had all started packing up their gear, and were walking away to another photo op, McCain kept speaking and promoting his friend. “He’s perfect! He’s today’s GOP. He knows pretty much nothing and yet has an opinion on everything and those opinions are magnificent in their stupidity. Even Cruz and Rubio can’t approach this level of ignorance!” “I’m John McCain!”

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