Lego Movie Snubbed For Best Animation Oscar! Academy Awards Show Boycott Planned!!


It seems that being nominated for Best Original Song “Everything is Awesome,” will not be enough to satisfy the plastic creations of the year’s biggest animated hit, “The Lego Movie!” The popular film has grossed over $250 million domestically, and it was considered a shoo-in for best animated film and possibly even best movie. The filmmakers, Chris Miller and Phil Lord are simply baffled. “There was no Pixar film to compete with, and the only other nominee we’d even heard of, was a sequel to How To Eat a Dragon. We are thinking there is some sort of bigotry at play here. but we can’t quite find a name for it. They only named 8 Best Movie Nominations. There was room for us! How hard would that be? We made the money. Now give us the gold! We hate to bring this up, but we a beginning to believe that Hollywood might actually be plasticist. That would be ironic for a town whose composition is 95% plastic. In any event, there is totally something screwy going on here! It’s not fair and if Hollywood isn’t going to play fair we are taking our Legos and going home.”

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