Is The Moon A Planet Or A Star? Ted Cruz Puts Together Advisory Panel To Decide!

Best Isaac

Ted Cruz, newly appointed chairman of the subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, was simply shopping for a birthday gift for his wife on QVC yesterday, when he instead, found himself enthralled by the brilliant host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi, who were debating whether the Moon is a planet or a star.

Killinger: “Isn’t the moon a star?”

Mizrahi : “No, the Moon is a planet, darling.”

Killinger: “Don’t look at me like that! The sun is a star!”

Mizrahi: “I don’t know what the Sun is.”

“I slapped myself in my own face. I couldn’t believe what I was watching! You don’t expect to be so thoroughly engrossed by a healthy science discussion on QVC,” explained Ted, “but I believe this is where we will get the best information. We must always be open-minded to a hearty debate. Nothing is written in stone! The world and our universe are constantly changing, and ideas and preconceived notions must change as well. This is America! Nobody dictates what you must believe! Freedom of religion and science, assured to us by the Constitution and our founding fathers. Science is whatever people think it is. Any 5th grader knows that! So that, and many other fresh ideas is what I intend to bring to my new position.

Shawn and Isaac are not some bald, googly eyed scientists, locked up a lab making up stuff, scrawling formulas on blackboards. Bor-ing! They are real people out in the real world, seeing what happens every day, and they obviously speak from a wealth of fashion sense and experience. That is the kind of knowledge we need and I have asked them to serve on my science advisory panel. It truly was my lucky day tuning in to QVC. I also got a really nice cardigan for my wife.”

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