North Carolina’s Ramen Noodlepalooza On I-95!!! One Delicious Event!!!

Best Noodles2

College students and anybody on a budget from North Carolina and surrounding states, converged on I-95 near Rocky Mount, after a tractor trailer carrying a full load of the delicious noodles, crashed in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Truck driver Bryan Nestable nodded off  at the wheel, and when the truck collided with a highway overpass support, it virtually burst like a pinata! From chicken and beef, to mushroom, pork and shrimp, the flavors packed, with an army load of MSG were all there! Of course they were spread out across the highway and the adjoining median, but as most packages stayed intact, the celebrants were in a frenzy grabbing their favorites!. “Noodles from Heaven” was the common joyful yelp! Participants came prepared with hot water in thermoses and many brought hibachi grills and Coleman stoves for boiling water.

“This is almost as good as spring break,” gushed Alisha Granitolla a junior at Duke University and a confessed ‘Noodlehead‘, ” I practically live on Ramen Noodles at the dorm but I’ve never seen so many flavors all at once. I plan on trying them all. This is a totally magical experience!”

Police, at first had tried to dissuade the students from helping themselves to the cases of noodles, but the truck driver, told them they could take all they desired, as long as they kept the noise down and didn’t disturb his nap. “How can you say no to these kids,” asked one state trooper? “Have you ever heard so much slurping in your life? What a sound!

MTV was setting up a stage at Exit 37W and it was reported that Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj, among other ambulance chasers of the music world,  were already en-route for performances later in the afternoon. Word is, the noodlebash is already being considered as an annual event, without the truck crash part.

Needless to say, at this point, traffic on I-95 is at a standstill for miles in either direction, and locals should find alternate routes home, and if you were planning on picking up some Ramen noodles at the grocery for dinner, those shelves are sadly empty tonight. You might want to grab a pizza instead.

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