Fox News Poll: 100% Of Country Despises Obama. Considers Him Absolute Failure! “Our Job Is Done,” Boasts Roger Ailes!!!

Obama FoxBeaming with pride Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes met with reporters to discuss their latest unbelievable poll results.

Reporter: It is amazing Mr. Ailes, No poll has ever had 100% agreement. How do you think you got this, against all odds, phenomenal result?”

Ailes: Lots of hard work from a fantastic team of anchors, who would sell their souls to get the job done and some ‘very pretty gals’ , who really know their way around a poll.”

Reporter: “Congratulations Mr. Ailes on your poll. Can you tell us a bit about the criteria?”

Ailes: “Oh yes! For sure. There was plenty of criteria. Next question.”

Reporter: “Roger was this poll done based on strict statistical science?”

Ailes: “Who let The Daily Show guy in? Get Stewart outta here!! Next question”

Reporter: “Mr. Ailes. Was this poll conducted over the phone, online or in person interviews?”

Ailes: “Yes it was. Next.”

Reporter: Mr. Ailes. Now that you have succeeded in making Barack Obama the most despised President in history who do you hope to possibly libel, malign and destroy next?”

Ailes: “Not sure. It’s not like we have an agenda.”

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