Ryan Reynolds Denies His Daughter’s Name is “Violet”. Now Everybody’s Guessing Some Lively Names!!!

BestLively Names

Celebrities looking for headlines are, it appears, no longer content to simply announce that they are having a baby, reveal who they are having a baby with, trumpet the blessed basketful’s arrival, and then proudly anoint them with some head scratching name, that will make the child despise them forever, and act out across the tabloids and reality TV as soon as they are teens! Ryan Reynolds and his beautiful second wife, Blake Lively (après the stunning Scarlett Johansson) have upped the public relations bonanza of baby marketing, and are making the press (and the rest of us) guess what their newborn daughter’s name is. What a delicious new game!!

A flock of reporters cornered the spicy hot Ryan, glistening with after-workout sweat, outside his gym in West Hollywood and started hurling names out at him as fast as they could. “Duplicity?”…”Avengerella?”….”Sunbonetta Marie?”…   “Lilly Livlier?” …”Gamma Shoofly?”… “Diptheria Algorithim?”… “Peutetre Amalia?”. …Sepulveda Saturnalia?”…”Bobara Eyegera?”… Canyon Crayola?” …….No response came from the smiling Reynolds. Then someone yelled out “Violet?” and a solemn hush descended upon Santa Monica Boulevard. Ryan seemed crestfallen, as though all air had been blasted out of his chiseled, hairless, yet manly chest. He immediately denied that they had dubbed her Violet, and actually appeared a bit miffed at the simplicity of the guess, exclaiming, “Girl, You are totally dissing my creativity with that one. I am so done here today! Hurrah-double-harrumph,” he huffed as he stomped off. Put on your thinking caps kids! We could be at this for quite a long news cycle!

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