Amy Pascal Out As Sony Top Gun! Goes Indie. Opens Downtown LA Office.

Best Amy Pascal

Taking pitches in her new office in downtown Los Angeles, beleaguered, former head of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal says she is totally open to original ideas. “I realized I was getting stagnant sitting in that high and mighty office at Sony. Just a second…”

“Attention passengers, the bus for Reseda is leaving in 1 minute”

“I got soft and lost touch with what the real people want to see. OMG The Interview? Whatta piece of crapola! But ya know? It was all a blessing, getting hacked and pissing off the schwartzas. People in this town can be so touchy! Here I can meet and talk with the little people, and find out what they want to see when they go to the movies. Hold on…”

“Bus for Pasadena and Altadena boarding now.”

Sitting just to the left of the main entrance, to the waiting room at the bus depot, Amy now has a peephole into America, down on the street level. “It’s so refreshing and I feel reinvigorated just watching everybody hustle and bustle to catch the next bus, getting on board to a new adventure, a new dream, if you will. Gimme a sec…”

“Attention riders to Santa Barbara and points north get your tuchases to gate 5!”

“There is plenty of seating right here for my pitch meetings, and I really am centrally located, so it’s easy for everybody. Restrooms to the right, and there is the cafe right next door and the cherry danish is to die for!” Hold on I gotta another announcement…

“Will Sharleen Essenholler please report to the managers office. Sharleen Essenholler!”

Amy just smiled, “It’s a job. Hey Scott!!! Ovah here!!!”

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