Study: Pot Doesn’t Increase Crash Risk. Study Chairmen Cheech and Chong Hold Press Conference!


A 20-month government study of drivers in 2013 and 2014 found no evidence that marijuana use leads to higher risk of getting into a car accident. Study Co-chairs Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong met with reporters for a little Q&A. Wafting in on a cloud of smoke the boys were a little late but mellow as ever.

Reporter: “Guys, this press conference was supposed to start 2 hours ago. What’s up with that?”

Tommy Chong: “Uhhhhh. Slow down. What was the question again dude?”

Reporter: “You are 2 hours late and all you had for us to eat here, was Hostess Twinkies and Doritos. Where have you been?”

Cheech Marin: “Weren’t there some skittles too? Damn I specifully ordered skittles. I love the rainbow of flavors.”

Reporter: “Hey Tommy, How large was the sample group for this study?”

Tommy: “What study?”

Reporter: “The marijuana and driving safety study. That’s why we are here.”

Cheech: “Let me just stop you right there.”

Reporter: “and what.”

Tommy: “and what what?”

Reporter: “what did you stop me there for?”

Cheech: “Stop you where?”

Tommy: “Man you gotta chill. What are you talking about?”

Reporter: “This is crazy. Are you guys stoned? Did you guys drive here?”

Tommy: “Drive here? Whaddiya crazy? Hey! Anybody seen Dave?”

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