Glade Introduces New Room Scents for Dog Lovers Everywhere!!


If you simply love dogs and can’t get enough of them, Glade has created a new line of room odorizers with you in mind! Just because you can’t have  a loving four-legged companion, due to a family member’s allergy, or your apartment building won’t permit them, doesn’t mean your home can’t smell like a dog! Glade is launching a new line of scents for doggie lovers everywhere. With Glade you can enjoy the fun filled game of “Hey WTF did you roll in Fido?” It actually gets the olfactory senses working, trying to figure out what that awful smell is composed (or decomposed) of! You can almost envision  the chagrined look on a doggy’s face, when you fill the rooms with skunk fight. This is one stench that even the dog didn’t expect and still doesn’t understand why that black cat with the white stripe smelled so much. And you can really challenge your tolerance for doggie love, when wet dog wafts into your nostrils. You could never imagine what a melange of scents emerge from dogs when they walk in the rain or take a dip in the ocean. Guests will swear you are hiding the dog somewhere. They smell that real!!

3 new scents from Glade make it possible to come home to that great canine smell without all the work. Only from Glade!

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