FTM Exclusive! Hillary Clinton To Announce Candidacy With Cool JIBJAB Video Showing Her Fun Side!

bBest Hill

Staying on top of the latest in pop culture communications, the long awaited announcement of Hillary Clinton’s official run for the White House is almost here. Reports say Hillary plans on dropping her new video sometime this weekend. Using the popular “video yourself” site JIBJAB, she will be  jumping on two popular trends.

Mrs. Clinton has chosen Meghan Trainor’s big hit “All About That Bass” for a temporary campaign song. Currently being re-lyriced as “All About The Hill” her PR team is also introducing a new nickname. “Capitol Hill”

Taking a cue from her husband’s campaign in the 1990’s when he played saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show, she plans on being accessible to everybody from Ellen Degeneres to Wendy Williams, and Jimmy Kimmel to Seth Meyers. Following an additional announcement on Twitter Mrs. Clinton is booked for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday evening when she is expected to participate in a the ever popular “water war” with Jimmy where the loser of each round throws a glass of water in the other’s face. “So Cool” said Mrs. Clinton, reportedly.

“She wants this bad” said one team member. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh, even if it’s at herself. Whatever it takes, she is up to the challenge! She’s in this race to win!

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