Chris Christie Leaves Big Impression In New Hampshire! Mary Slips In Cheap Visual Joke!


Continuing on his “I’m Not Sure, I Dunno, Maybe, It’s None A Your Business, Get Outta My Face, Oh Yeah? I’m Lookin’ At Possibilities, Shuddup , How You Doin’,  Are You Gonna Eat That?” Campaign tour, around the United States, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wowed the people of New Hampshire with his sense of style and general demeanor, as he tried out a whole new personality. Demonstrating a new, fun loving, relaxed, attitude, he surprised a lot of money donors and voters who are considering giving him their support.

“I didn’t realize how nice he could be” said one man who managed to take a bite of pizza with New Jersey’s favorite son, before he grabbed it out of his hand for a taste. “He’s gotten such a bad rap! I didn’t see him swear at anybody or flip anybody off at all! I’d read that he could not go even 10 minutes, without doing something crude like that. This is a whole new Christie! One I could vote for!”

Offering to help with whatever problems The Granite State faces, Christie focused on his expertise in meeting with the state’s head of transportation, to advise him on smoother traffic flow around New Hampshires highways and bridges. DOT chief Clarence OsMorganson simply swooned, exclaiming, “This man really knows his way around a traffic cone!”

Backed by a ten member acapella singing group he dubbed “The New New Christie Minstrels,” Chris entertained at a late evening barn raising party singing a little, dancing a little softshoe, and regaling the crowd with his favorite GOP anecdotes, including killer impressions of both Tea Party favorites, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul!

Whether or not Christie can keep up this new persona is a question everybody is asking but for now he is starting to look more and more like a winner! As one attendee put it. “I love this guy! He puts the Ham back in New Hampshire.”

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