Michelle Duggar’s 87 Children Buy Her All New Female Internal Organs For Mother’s Day! TLC Renews TV Series For 19 More Years!

Best Duggars

Michelle Duggar, star and “chief baby baker” of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, got a heck of a surprise for Mother’s Day! A gift certificate for a transplant including a brand new uterus, set of ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina, all donated by a 19 year old NYC transgender dude who said “I have no use for any of them girl parts, she seems to know what to do with all that plumbing and I say she’s welcome to it!” Michelle’s children all pitched in their money from various paper routes, rummage sales, bake sales, and couch cushion change to pay for the operation.

“I just don’t know what to say, sniffled Michelle, between sobs. “This is just about the sweetest thing ever! Praise Jesus! My kids just knew I felt useless since my miscarriage in 2011 and although the girls tried to pick up the slack, it just isn’t the same as popping them lil ones out, myself. God knows I am good at it! What else do I know how to do? But with these new parts I can get back in the saddle, so to speak, Praise Jesus! I believe Jim Bob is even more excited than me. I can see that little gerkin’s a perkin’, Praise Jesus!

Michelle is correct in claiming that Jim Bob is ecstatic about getting back to the business of making babies for the Lord. “It’s a responsibility I take very seriously,” he said. “ I do not mean to be immodest but I know the Lord has chosen us for this role on earth or why else would he have made us both so darn good at it? Praise Jesus!“

Jim Bob is looking forward to returning to work, with all the new equipment Michelle will be receiving, but he admits he is especially looking forward to the new 19-year-old vagina. He mentioned with a coy smile, “Well I have to admit, the old one chafed a bit.”

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