Brick Announces Candidacy For GOP Nomination. Jumps To Head Of The Field!

Best New Candidate

Surprise announcement today, out of the heartland when a brick, who until recently was simply one of many, in a home in Kansas City, announced his intention to seek the Republican Party nomination for the Presidency.

Appearing at his downtown campaign offices, the brick spoke quite eloquently to the press. “At first, when they demolished the house I had been part of for 123 years, I felt destroyed as well. My life was over it seemed. I truly believed that I had no future. What was I gonna do. I mean, even I can admit that I am not that bright. Some people even say I am as dumb as….well… you know.” Reporters silently nodded their heads in understanding.

“And then I started hearing all of the declared GOP candidates saying some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard and  proposing legislation they musta dug outta the most illiterate, most backward pile of ignorance they could find. It’s like a lollapalooza of stupid! I don’t want to name any names, but I wonder if many of these guys have ever fully read a legal document! And that includes the actual Constitution of The United States of America! I thought, Hey! I’m a brick and even I think you guys are idiots.! That’s when I realized that I still had a purpose and a job left to do. I can still be part of a house. The greatest in all this land, The White House. So I am declaring my run for the top office today and I thank you for your support.”

“I’m a brick and I approved this message.”

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11 Responses to Brick Announces Candidacy For GOP Nomination. Jumps To Head Of The Field!

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

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  2. Brain Blur says:

    Stupid Brick, it’s lollapalooza… looza.

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  3. Karisha says:

    Always funny to read where the GOP are illiterate when in reality there are more Dems out there that refuse to read or research fact then any other party. I guess the real difference between the Dems and all other political parties is that Dems blindly follow what others tell them whereas the rest want to know the facts before we make our minds up.


  4. “Brick’s” nomination means he would be the brightest Republican candidate since Nixon.

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