New From AbFormal Wear! Dress Ups For The Show Offs!


Whether you are Magic Mike or just the guy in the last cubicle on the left, we understand your need for attention! You’ve worked hard at the gym and you can barely remember what a delicious carb tastes like. “Bread? What’s that?” We get it! You want to let everyone know what you are packin’ and you can’t wait for the beach! You’ve seen the ladies showing off and now it’s your turn with AbFormal’s new “Screw Subtlety!” line of suits and tuxedos.

These new suits are your window of opportunity to elicit slobbers and drools from everybody, no matter what the event. Just like the gals! You’ve worked out. Now “Work it Girl! You’ll get all the stares you deserve and crave!

And get ready for AbFormal’s new line of Dress Pants available this Fall called “Buttcrackers!” They’re like Chaps, but Dressier and Cheekier so you had better make a beeline to that squat rack!

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