Fox News Narrows News Anchor Search To 10 Finalists!


Fox news continued it’s search for the best and brightest, in it’s never ending quest to provide it’s male audience with top notch eye candy, narrowing the field down to 10 of the gals they believe have the legs to last a long time in the tough world of network news.  The anchor wannabes are put through a rigorous audition process once the male anchors narrow the candidates down based on the thousands of resumes and 8 X 10’s that interns find on line.

 “But it’s not all about the their looks,” claimed Fox honcho Roger Ailes, “they have to have some news chops, some hands on experience” he said winking slightly. The current selection process is being run with an eye to the future when Ailes says they will be announcing the “Win A Date With A Fox News Anchor” contest. “When it comes to our viewers we are a full service news organization,” bragged Ailes.

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