Fox Unveils Amazing New GOP Presidential Debate Set And Format!


In order to accommodate all of the declared candidates for the GOP Presidential Nomination, Fox News went back to the drawing board and has stunned the design community with a breathtaking new set and format for the first Republican debate.

Senior set designer, Martin Pedantic explained what they first saw as a very difficult task. “Originally we were thinking a circus tent might be fun, and add just the right amount of pizzazz to an otherwise dull event, you know, with roving jugglers and leggy, scantily clad models strolling around the podiums. We know our audience and what they want to see, while we tell them what we want them to hear,” he chuckled. “But there was already so many candidates, there would be no room for the jugglers and girls.”

“One of the guys noted that there was an ocean of candidates and it could take over 3 hours to give everyone a chance to speak. That’s when it all came together for me! The set would be part “Gilligan’s Island/Survivor” and part “The Price is Right! Who will be asked to “Come on Down!” and who will be voted off and how long will this darn thing last? The candidates will float in on rafts and questions will be posed from the moderators, standing provocatively on a rock in the middle of the lagoon. Genius, right??”

He also added that Megyn Kelly and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be co-hosting in mermaid outfits. “As I mentioned, we know our audience!” he said with a slight wink.

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