Sarah Titillates And Tantalizes At D.C. Anti-Iran Rally! Wowza!

Palin Time

NUTS FOR SARAH” … “SARAH IS THE BOMB”, “NUKE EM PALIN” and “SARAH,PLEASE SIT ON MY FACE“ were just a few of the signs that greeted Sarah Palin yesterday, as she bounded on stage in Washington D.C. to address the crowd at the anti-peace rally, protesting President Obama’s duplicitous sanity-driven deal with Iran.

Looking stylish in her 6-inch heels and black pencil skirt (showing off her amazingly fit calves) topped off with a white tank top and fetching hot pink, close cropped jacket, she wowed the crowd with her newly expanded vocabulary and knowledge, courtesy of a recent Learning Annex class called, “The Middle East for Dummies.

“Ya know, Ted Cruz and I share one brain on this issue and that is why we both are here today. I’ve never been to Iran or any of those sandy countries, so I’ve been studying this area of the world for days and I have learned me a lot! But the main thing I know is you can’t trust Iran or any of those mullahs! This deal is just flat out wrong. It’s so wrong I can’t even begin to explain to you great folks why or even how it’s wrong! I just know in my gut like you know everything I’ve ever told you about America. It just is! Obama! Hah! That’s your first clue right there. Obama! I know y’all know what I’m sayin’. We’ve been here before and you know what happens. Do I really need to say “Benghazi?” No more!” At the mention of the President’s name along with Benghazi, the crowd roared, “No More! No More! No More!”

She beamed at the enthusiasm and offered a few more “Obama, blah blah blahs and Obama blah blah blahs, working the crowd into a fever while spittle flew out generously from her slightly moistened lips. Some audience members passed out, a few tore at their hair and some just started whirling in circles.

As she was being lead offstage by her handlers she offered one last “Bless you and God Bless America!”, before throwing down the microphone.

“That was fun!” Sarah cackled.

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