Mike Huckabee Launches Monthly Magazine! It’s a Huck of A Lot Of Fun!

Best Huck

Cashing in on his popularity from the religious right, Presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee has published his first issue of a magazine he believes will be as trend setting and popular as “O” The Oprah Magazine. Filled with his deepest thoughts, latest ideas for how to get into Heaven and keeping the Devil at bay, Huckabee believes he has a winner on his hands. “People have been telling me for years, Mike you have so much stuff in your head that it would be a sin not to share it with everyone!” Huckabee explained. “If I can squeeze just one more soul into Heaven with my knowledge, that otherwise wouldn’t have made the cut, then I will be happy!”

Huckabee says that “Huck!” the Magazine will be filled with his personal deep thoughts, Bible interpretations, Recipes, Life Styles other than gay, How to make a judgement without being judgy,  and even advice to spice up your marriage whether it’s the first or second or 4th. “And so much more!” he chimed in with that comfy, homey Arkansas accent.

The premiere issue which is already considered a collectible by Huckabee’s wife, is now on newsstands!

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