Trump Thanks Voters With Wall Around New Hampshire!

Trump Wall

Thrilled with his New Hampshire Primary Rout, Donald Trump is already showing his appreciation to the voters in New Hampshire by immediately ordering a temporary wall around the state, protecting it from all outside invasion and unwanted immigration. Trump workers started erecting chain link fence and barbed wire around the borders as soon as polls closed and the results were released, showing his expected victory.

“I am so grateful to the people of New Hampshire for their support, but of course I am the obvious choice among all those losers. It was a slam dunk!” crowed Trump. “I’d always heard that these people were dumb from brain freeze after living in this Godforsaken state. I have no idea what they even do here all year but I learned yesterday how smart they are! They don’t need me to spell out what I am going to do to make America great again. They just know I will and that is my kind of voter!”

Trump said that once he wins the general election in November, the individual state fences will be removed and one huge wall will be constructed along the border of the entire country with an embossed Trump logo in gold every 50 yards. When asked what about Iowa’s wall Trump responded, “No wall for those losers. You vote for me, I protect your state. Period.”

When asked about all those in New Hampshire who didn’t vote for him Trump responded with a chortle. “Screw em!”

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