Products We’d Like To See! Internet Eyewash!

Final Eyewash

Here is the miracle solution for all those videos you really shouldn’t have played and slide shows of freaks around the world or celebrity plastic surgery horrors, you wish you had never clicked on. Images you once believed were horribly burned forever into your retinas can now be wiped clean as a whistle with Internet Eyewash!

Whether it’s unattractive family photos, friends jaw-dropingly ugly baby pics, celebrities trying to break the Internet, misery and torture captured from around the world or just simply pictures of Mitch McConnell or Paula Deen, Internet Eyewash* will make your baby blues, browns, greens or hazels sparkling fresh and ready for more On line surfing in just minutes!

It’s like a Visine photoshop for your eyes! Everything is beautiful again! Get some today!

*not currently available in Texas

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