Mary’s Editorial “The Inevitable Awful”

Trump Horror

     A momentary detour from silly pictures and jokes and random thoughts. It is incomprehensible how anybody with children and grandchildren can see what is happening, then just look away and not fear what they are leaving their families in The United States. We share recipes, pet pictures and funny videos, yet are afraid to voice an opinion, lest we offend some friend or relative. We prefer to just let the hate and horror play out just as it did decades ago and just hope it doesn’t come home to roost again. Well it will and it won’t be too long until it does.

     The saddest part is that, whatever you may think of this Trump man, one thing he is not, is dumb. He just isn’t! He can see what he is doing and how he is bringing out the worst in people, the worst in America and yet his egomania loves it. He feeds on it like Audrey II. ‘FEED ME SEYMOUR!” He takes no responsibility for the hate he encourages and knows he “actually” has no solutions for anything at all. If we build walls and bomb the world, we can make America great again! He seems to revel in the maniacal adulation as the violence and confrontations escalate. It’s a WWF wrestling match on super steroids, just waiting for the chair to be thrown, a bat to be lifted or a gun to be drawn.

     And where will he be when he realizes he cannot control the monster he has created, incited and unleashed? Certainly not in front of the crowd that he has absolutely nothing in common with and would just as soon spit on, if you stopped him on the street outside Trump Tower in NYC. (as if you could ever get near him) Guess what Trumpers?  You’ll never see Mar-a-Lago! Watching rally footage is mind boggling and so surreal. It’s not science fiction. It is science real. It is observing a species devolve in front of your eyes. The ultimate reality show! Some of the scariest footage seen in decades. And even if he ultimately loses, the hate will all still be there and that will not be pretty either. They’re all not just going back to their day jobs. They will feel screwed and Trump has convinced them who is too blame. He may not have created their hate but he has enflamed it and encouraged them to express it!

     We do not look forward to the “Inevitable Awful” that he is fomenting and will definitely happen. It’s not really a matter of if, it is when… and on that dreaded day, neither he nor the NRA will take responsibility for turning America the Beautiful into The Little Shop of Horrors.

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