Aretha And Barbra Just Sing? What The What?


Young Pop stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney and many others are reeling with shock after Barbara Streisand set a new record when her latest album, “Partners” debuted at Number 1. “But all she does is sing!” cried Katy Perry “Why would these guys want to perform with her?” Lady Gaga exclaimed,” I really don’t get it. Where are her costumes? Tony loves my costumes!” Rihanna chimed in, “No cleavage, no nipple slips, no twerking? I don’t understand! And Beyonce agreed, ‘I can’t dance to any of this stuff, she sniffed, “it doesn’t seem very empowering!“ Britney just stared vacantly at this reporter.

With excitement already building for Aretha Franklin’s new album, which also involves simply singing her butt off, these ladies are concerned for the future of music.

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