Everyone Wants To Ride The Magic Mike Bus! Now Oprah Jumps On Board!


Everybody continues to jump on board Magic Mike 2 or as it is more coyly known “XXL”, which really seems appropriate, as the cast grows bigger every second. The list of stars who want in on Mike keeps getting longer and longer. Andie Macdowell, Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michael Strahan, Marie Osmond, Donald Glover, Donald Trump, Ronald McDonald and all the original main cast have climbed back on, except Matthew McConaughey! But now that problem has been solved and there’s nowhere to go but up! They’ve got Oprah!!! Losing their Master of Ceremonies could have been a disaster but it appears Mike 2 will rise to even greater heights with “O”.

“It wasn’t a hard decision” exclaimed Oprah, “when you see a part this juicy, you just reach out and grab it!” All involved agree that this is casting perfection. “Who knows more about introducing stars, hustling them on and off stage, massaging egos and whipping up excitement in a room filled with raging hormones than Oprah?” said star, writer, actor, dancer, poet, singer, politician, electrician and Oscar hopeful, Channing Tatum. “Mike 2 is gonna explode all over the place!

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