Tom Hanks Reunites With Castaway Co-Star, Wilson! Warns Volleyball To Stay Away From Tom Brady!!


A Hollywood reunion, of a major on-screen couple(of sorts) took place at last night’s Rangers game in NYC. Tom Hanks and Wilson the Volleyball! The two co-stars hadn’t seen each other since that sad ending in the ocean, when Tom was Castaway and Wilson floated away. “I never knew what happened to Wilson after the scene when he was adrift in the ocean, and I just could not save him,” said Tom wistfully. “I just felt so darn helpless. I know it was only a movie but it was real to me. I think I spent so much time with Wilson, that he became a true friend. I used to take him home with me and play games, anything but volleyball. As an actor, I never wanted him to feel pigeonholed!” he exclaimed, as Wilson quietly nodded in agreement and appeared to smile in recollection.

“Anyway, after that scene, the prop guy dried him off and took him away. We completed the movie without him. I think my desolation really did increase at that point, because I felt such a loss. That feeling pushed my performance into Oscar nomination territory. I will always owe Wilson for that inspiration.” Tom’s eyes glazed over as he seemed to morph into that sunburned, skeletal, survivor on a raft in the Pacific, right in front of us. “No one would ever tell me where Wilson went,” he sighed dramatically.  “I actually, used to cry whenever I passed a Foot Locker Store because of the continued inner anguish. People would tell me ‘Tom get over it! It’s a ball,’ People, alas can be very cruel.”

But there was no deflating the spirits of these two old friends when Wilson bounced into Tom’s hands! Catching up was a joy for these guys, who seemed, once again, inseparable during the game. It turns out that Wilson was taken home by that prop man after his last scene, and has lived a fun filled life with a family of seven in Tarzana. He admitted he had harbored a grudge for years against Tom for not swimming faster and saving him, but he finally accepted the fact that Tom, the consummate actor had to stick to the script.

Asked what he was doing at the game Wilson quietly mentioned to Tom that he had been playing the field for years, but now he was in a serious relationship with tonight’s game puck, but they were keeping it quiet as many sports fans might not approve of a mixed relationship.

After the game the happy couple were carried out by Tom and his lovely wife Rita for what we can only assume was an evening of fun and games!

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